Aquamira Water Filter Kit Gravity Flow 80 gallon

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  • Aquamira Water Filter Kit Gravity Flow 80 gallon
  • Aquamira Water Filter Kit Gravity Flow 80 gallon
  • Aquamira Water Filter Kit Gravity Flow 80 gallon



With the WaterBasics Gravity Flow Filtration Kit all you need is two standard water containers to set up a gravity powered filtration system. The Kit includes WaterBasics GRN Line Protection with the convenience of Series II connectivity to easily connect to most standard water storage containers including Jugs and Carboys. Simply screw the GRN Line Filter directly into the threaded cap of the clean container, and then connect the feed tube to the unfiltered water container. Place the unfiltered container higher than the clean container, give a few squeezes on the primer bulb to start the water flow, and then sit back and let Newton do all the work for you. In about the same time as it takes to make a lemonade and kick your feet up, you can have a gallon of filtered water with GRN Line Protection from chemicals, bacteria and protozoan cysts. You can depend on WaterBasics.

To learn more about the technology behind the new Aquamira Filter Bottle, click on this AquaMira Technolgy link and go to AquaMira website to learn more.

  • Capacity: 80 Gallon (302.833L)
  • GRN Line Protection.
  • Series II Connectivity.
  • High Flow. (500ml/min.)
  • Lightweight, Compact & Inexpensive.
  • Packs easily for emergency, outdoor or camping use.
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3 Reviews

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    Good addition to my water barrel storage

    Posted by CCW on 14th Jan 2016

    I have 4 large plastic barrels 55 gallon of stored water for my emergency water storage. I need a way to get the water out if needed and also wanted to filter the water so I bought this kit. Have not used it yet so I can not comment on it yet, but would say this will be a life saver if I ever have to use it.

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    Great water filter kit!

    Posted by Albert on 27th Oct 2015

    This filter kit works great as me and my wife can confirm, we had to use ours last month during the flood. We have a 55 gallon plastic drum full with stored water just in case of a situation like we just had and weathered through it with clean filtered drinking water for 5 days. So so very glad we are now prepared for small emergency's.

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    what a life saver!

    Posted by Jones family on 18th Mar 2015

    Bought one of these to have peace of mind in case of a water shortage and three weeks later had to use it. Great product and saved us from worrying about our fresh water supply. Would recommend to everyone to at least have some type of water storage or water filter on hand.

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