Greif 12 Gallon Open Head

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Due to shipping dimensions we can only ship 2 drums per order. Please call customer service (859) 881.3190 for a shipping quote when ordering more then 2 drums.
Maximum Purchase:
2 units
GREIF O-12 Gallon Open Head Poly Drum

Greif 12 Gallon Open Head Poly Drum

• 12 gallon Capacity
Condition: New Factory Fresh!
Color: Blue
Open head drums are constructed of FDA-approved high-density polyethylene.
• FDA extrusion blow molded high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMW-HDPE).
UN/DOT-approved for Y and Z regulations without the use of an outer pack carton.
UN Rated: 1H2/Y100/S
• Maximum filling temperature ~160°F.
• When filled at this maximum temperature drum should be allowed to cool to ambient temperature prior to stacking.
 Drums filled at elevated temperatures drums should be vented properly to prevent vacuum formation within the drum.
• Plain Cover with Gasket
• Metal Lever Lock Band with locking clasp
Stack 3 high (1+2) max. with pallets between drums.
Maximum top load on bottom drums not to exceed 750 lbs each.
May be stacked two (2) drums high per pallet with slip sheet of plywood between layers of drums
with top load not exceeding the specified limit.
Can be stacked (1+1) on cover without slip sheet of plywood and no additional top load.
FDA-Approved for Food and Water.
Other liquids: Paints, Coatings, Adhesives, Mastics, Additives, Agricultural chemicals, other applications.
12 gallon open head drums come with plastic cover with gasket and metal lever latch style locking band.
Inside Dimensions:  Usable space
Outside Dimensions:  Total can with lid attached
Length:     14-1/2"
Width:       14-1/2"
Diameter:  14-1/2"
Height:      23-1/4"
Weight:  7.5 lbs.
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