Jerry Can 10L Red for Fuel

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  • Jerry Can 10L Red
  • Jerry Can 10L Red


Jerry Can 10L Red 2.5 Gallon Fuel Can

This 10L Jerry Can is the highest quality 2.5 gallon fuel can available on the US market today. Rigorously tested, these cans boast a number of features: Thick 0.9 mm steel walls, interior rust-proof Rezol lining, internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring, a three handle configuration for easy carrying, a leak-proof bayonet closure with a locking pin for the capWavian Branded jerry cans manufactured by Valpro currently produce our USA EPA/CARB-DOT approved steel fuel cans that are 100% legal in all 50 US states to be used as a gas can. Includes spout and an adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers. 

Can Features:

  • Made out of thick 0.9mm cold rolled steel.
  • Unique wide channel breather and smooth pouring spout.
  • Rezol lined resistant coating to prevent rusting when used for fuels.
  • The cap has a locking pin to ensure it cannot be opened accidentally.
  • The bayonet closure is completely leak-proof with can in any position.
  • Three handle configuration for easy grabbing/carrying of multiple cans.
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with Australian Standards, AS2906, Swedish Standards, SP, German Standards, TUV/GS, and UN Dangerous Goods, UN Rated 3A1/Y-100/.
  • EPA and CARB certified, built to ASMT, NFPA, and DOT standards. 
  • Approved and fully legal for sale in all 50 states for use as a gas can.
  • Warning: This can is NOT to be used for water storage!
  • Check out our Water Cans for water storage.

Spout Features:

  • Works on all gasoline vehicles with included adapter.
  • Works on all diesel and equipment tanks.
  • Fast flow rate for a EPA/CARB style nozzle.
  • Leak-proof.


Length:  13-1/2"
Width:     6-1/2"
Height:  11-3/4"
Weight:  7 lbs.
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65 Reviews

  • 5
    Everything as promised.

    Posted by Paul on 26th Jan 2016

    Awesome jerry can, everything I remember from the old days. Excellent seal. The spout is a great feature.

  • 5
    Good Quality

    Posted by Customer on 20th Jan 2016

    I didn't know the other Jerry can was of lesser substance until I had this badboy to compare it too. Solid construction.

  • 5
    Well built

    Posted by Chuck on 20th Jan 2016

    These are just as well built as the 20L cans just in a smaller, easier to handle package. The lids are hard to operate at first until opened and closed a couple times to wear the excess paint off. After that they are nice and smooth.

  • 5
    Built like a brick $h**house.

    Posted by Rob McGrath on 23rd Dec 2015

    I go about 350 lbs. I can stand on it easy. It will outlive me. VERY well constructed.

  • 5
    Legit jerry can

    Posted by Customer on 21st Dec 2015

    The lids work great, the nozzle works great. I am glad I made the investment in these cans. They are far better than any of the plastic "cans" out there. I never bought one of the cheap jerry cans, so I can't comment on the quality difference there. I bought the 10L size because I don't like wrestling with overly heavy cans (when full), and I think I will be able to manage these cans when I'm older.

  • 5
    Delivered as advertised!

    Posted by Steve on 4th Nov 2015

    I ordered this can with the nozzle and it was shipped that same day. The can was as sturdy as advertised, so I'm a happy man!

  • 5
    Quality Can

    Posted by Matt Pandolfo on 3rd Nov 2015

    Exactly what I ordered. Great quality and priced below competitors.
    If you were wondering... these jerry cans and spouts are the REAL DEAL.

  • 5
    Great product for a great price

    Posted by Customer on 2nd Nov 2015

    Exactly what we ordered. Excellent quality and priced well below competitors.

  • 5
    Authentic NATO jerry cans from Latvia

    Posted by Flip on 19th Oct 2015

    If you were wondering or had any doubt, these jerry cans and spouts are the REAL DEAL. They are made in the same factory in Latvia, by the same company Valpro. These are NOT Chinese knock off jerry cans. They are heavy, thick metal cans, with spouts that pour out fast, and don't leak! Both the cans and spouts are painted with a special epoxy paint. Even the jerry can mount holders are very well built, the only negative, the padlock hasp could be a little bit more heavy duty. Other than that, these are a great find at a great price! They should last many, many years! I highly recommend them,

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