Jerry Can Adapters 2 tube

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  • Jerry Can Adapter 2 tube
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Jerry Can Adapter 2 tube


Manufactured to use as a jerry can gas tank connection to your equipment.


Adapters are used to attach th the fuel can as an additional fuel tank for stationary mechanisms with an internal combustion engines

(generators, pumps, fans, heaters etc.).

Adapters with one tube provide fuel draw; adapters with two tubes provide fuel draw and intake for closed loop fuel supply systems.


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7 Reviews

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    Well designed and fabricated

    Posted by Wayne on 6th Nov 2014

    I am new to the NATO/Jerry cans and not familiar with the available accessories. My intent was to buy a Nozzle and modify it to be like this one. I could not do a better job than this adapter, and the cost is the same for a finished adapter as it would be for the parts for me to make it.

    The tube size is what is needed for most small engine fuel extenders. The spacing of the tubes is great, allowing for hoses to be clamped or possibility nuts and Ferrell connections. This will add to the versatility of the can adapter making it easier to use quick disconnect fittings.

    There are several methods to use this adapter. Initially, I intended to buy the single tube adapter. I only need one tube, but after more thought the second tube will be used for a vent with an on and off valve. The existing vent hole will always vent to the air, drawing moisture into the can and allowing gas fumes to escape while stored. I will plug the existing small vent hole.

    I will buy additional adapters for three other projects. One of the really convenient project will be filling small engines like lawn mowers and such. Lifting and balancing a 5 gallon can while trying to pour fuel in a lawn mower can be a real challenge. I can leave the adapter on the can, use one tube for a bulb type siphon hose and the second tube for the open end of the hose when stored. I would plug the existing vent hole to prevent gas fumes while the can is stored.

    I do see a use for the existing vent, but not for my application. I prefer to simply plug it with a sheet metal screw and gasket. It will be there should I need it for future projects.

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    Great Find!

    Posted by Chuckl on 11th Oct 2014

    I purchased a "two 2 tube" adapter to use with my Army surplus, multi-fuel, tent stove. It was originally set-up to the old style, screw-on, U.S. style Jerry can. Those are getting to be more difficult to find and I wanted to build some some of adapter for use with a NATO spec can. This device works perfectly. The twin tubes allow for the "draw tube" and the return line. Just add the required length of tubing to get to the bottom of the can (you can use any size can, just adjust the dip tube length.) Be advised, if you use for an application like a tent stove, there is a vent hole in these caps that will need to be plugged to prevent fuel spillage.

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    Works as intended.

    Posted by Customer on 26th Sep 2014

    Works just like it is suppose to work, great adapter for the jerry can. Wish the hoses came with it but it does state that they do not come with hoses and I knew that before I ordered them, no biggie I just took it with me to the local big box store and matched some up. Works as intended.

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    Works as intended.

    Posted by TJ Hill on 22nd Sep 2014

    These are great if you have a nato jerry can and are going to use your jerry can as a auxiliary tank. Quality goods just like the nato jerry cans and nozzles these adapters are handy!

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