Scepter Military Water Can 10L BLUE

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No longer in production by Scepter Canada. We are the Exclusive USA Scepter Canada dealer offering the BLUE water cans for sale.

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Scepter Military Water Can 10L  -  5.28 US gallons
New for 2018 the fill caps now have a gasket for better sealing on the can!
Manufactured to Original Military Spec and used by Military's Worldwide!
Scepter Military Water Cans are the real deal folks not cheap knock off military water cans.

This color has been discontinued from Scepter and is no longer in their production.
We are the Exclusive USA Scepter dealer offering the BLUE water cans.

Scepter’s MWCs (Military Water Cans) are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. BPA is a key building block organic ingredient in some polycarbonate and other plastic materials, but it is not an ingredient in either HDPE or LDPE, the materials used in our MWCs.

The longevity of a MWC - being plastic - is 15 years and beyond, and during that period there is no risk of plastic leaching into the water. In principle, the water can should be for transport and short term storage.

Keeping in mind temperature when storing will have an impact on the longevity of a clean water supply.

10 Liter - 2.64 US gallons
Height:  11.8”   Length - 13.6”   Width - 6.6”

Weight:  3.23 lbs

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26 Reviews

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    Scepter 10L Perfect size

    Posted by casey on 16th May 2016

    fits almost three gallons, yet small enough for your lady to carry around. not heavy and awkward like the 5-6 gallon jugs can be. Keep in mind to really twist caps on tight to avoid a slow drip. I am pleased with these jugs and Lexington has the best prices i could find.

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    Best Water Jugs for River Rafting

    Posted by Chris Ott on 22nd Apr 2016

    I enjoy private rafting trips on whitewater rivers in the western United States. Every boatman needs to bring his or her share of potable water for cooking, cleaning dishes, and quenching thirst. These 10 liter containers are extremely well made and much easier to carry than the 5-gallon jugs I used to wrestle with. You can't beat the price at Lexington Container Company and they shipped my order for free. I recommend this product and this company.

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    professional grade

    Posted by Randall Shelman on 12th Apr 2016

    These 2.5 gallon water cans are the perfect size for carrying one in each hand. And they are not only heavily built but also precision molded to high quality standards which has yielded great fitting lids and good water tight seals in a milaterry grade container. I read online that some people thought the lids fit too tightly but I diddnt have any trouble at all, if you are an adult male you shouldn't need the cap wrench, but I don't think my wife could get them on all the way without the cap wrench, or back off once tightened for that matter. I don't really have a need to open the large caps except for cleaning so it's not an issue anyhow.
    I also really like detail of the latching click lock on the large lid so you know you have gotten it on all the way.
    There is a nice indent on the bottom of the container for your second hand when two hand pouring, and the containers are solid colored so there shouldn't be any uv encouraged growth inside the container from sitting in sunlight.
    All in all these are really well thought out containers that are worth every penny and should last a lifetime.
    Ps: did I mention they are BPA free! Yes they are.

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    Survived 21 days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

    Posted by Shelley A. Coleman on 11th Apr 2016

    Rafting the Colorado River is an epic experience but it is extremely hard on your gear. My last trip down was an August launch and it was very hot, so having a water jug that didn't leak and could stand up to the beatings that are taken through some of the biggest rapids in the US are critical. In my book that was the true test for these puppies!!!! Passed with flying colors, so much so that I just bought another one - I now own five of them. They are easy to carry (I like the smaller size) as they are not super heavy to haul up to camp when they are full. They strap down to a raft easy, they don't leak and they are sturdy. Highly recommended!!!

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