Scepter Military Water Can 10L BLUE

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No longer in production by Scepter Canada. We are the Exclusive USA Scepter Canada dealer offering the BLUE water cans for sale.

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Scepter Military Water Can 10L  -  5.28 US gallons
New for 2018 the fill caps now have a gasket for better sealing on the can!
Manufactured to Original Military Spec and used by Military's Worldwide!
Scepter Military Water Cans are the real deal folks not cheap knock off military water cans.

This color has been discontinued from Scepter and is no longer in their production.
We are the Exclusive USA Scepter dealer offering the BLUE water cans.

Scepter’s MWCs (Military Water Cans) are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. BPA is a key building block organic ingredient in some polycarbonate and other plastic materials, but it is not an ingredient in either HDPE or LDPE, the materials used in our MWCs.

The longevity of a MWC - being plastic - is 15 years and beyond, and during that period there is no risk of plastic leaching into the water. In principle, the water can should be for transport and short term storage.

Keeping in mind temperature when storing will have an impact on the longevity of a clean water supply.

10 Liter - 2.64 US gallons
Height:  11.8”   Length - 13.6”   Width - 6.6”

Weight:  3.23 lbs

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26 Reviews

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    Posted by S.Dallas -AZ on 19th Feb 2016

    I have the 20L cans for about 3 years now and that thing has gone strong through all four seasons from camping , hunting and fishing. I've put that thing through a lot of abuse and aside from a few scruffs and scratches it continues to be extremely durable. I purchased the 10L to keep in the house for daily drinking/cooking water here In PHX AZ so it primarily stays in the kitchen. This can is lighter and my wife can use it with ease. i know this can will hold up forever. Shipping is fast, I ordered this on Friday and received Wednesday. This can is well built just like its older brother.

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    water cans wherefore art thou?

    Posted by Roland Hartwell on 2nd Oct 2015

    Researched water cans on line. Finally found these. Needed to get smaller than 5 gallons. These are made very smart and very well made. Going camping out on a jeep trail tomorrow and bringing one out for the first time. People gonna want to know where we got these. Inquiring minds and all. I'm gonna tell them.

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    Nearly flawless design for camping

    Posted by Rob on 15th Sep 2015

    I bought two of these 10L cans for family car camping (4 and a dog). 20L total is plenty of water for drinking, washing, and putting out the fire after 2 - 3 days.

    When people first lift these empty, they do note how heavy they are (because they are used to thin, plastic standard water cans from camping stores). The blue color is perfect to signify the contents. Comfortable to carry, stackable, and easy to pour.

    Cons: The caps need to be tighter than is reasonable by hand, but Lexington was out of the wrenches when I placed my order. Consequently, my cans leaked on the way up the mountain to camp. Also, it would be useful to have an indent or handle towards the back like the handle on the top to make pouring a bit handier. Finally, the little cap you unscrew to pour hangs in the way when you pour, so you have to hold it back with your second hand. It would be great if that cap somehow clipped back out of the way when you open the cap to pour water.

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    10L jug works great!

    Posted by Charles on 7th Sep 2015

    I got to use these on a San Jun river trip last May, and just bought two for my own camping kit. They are sturdy and work well and are convenient to fill and to use.

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