Water Can Dispensing Nozzle for Scepter & LCI Water Can

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Water Can Dispensing Spout - Fits Scepter & LCI Water Cans

Water Can Dispensing Nozzle

Fits Scepter and LCI Water Cans


This Water Can Dispensing Nozzle is for filling smaller containers or cups with your 10L & 20L Scepter Water Cans and 20L LCI Water Cans.

This Dispensing Nozzle allows you to connect to your water can to control the flow of water while pouring.
(1) Pull the Blue faucet handle Forward for a open flow as the faucet locks open
(2) Push the Blue faucet handle Backwards for ans release for small amounts of water as it will spring back into the lock position to close

Water Can Dispensing Nozzle will fit both sizes 10L & 20L of Scepter Military Water Cans and 20L LCI Water Cans.
Height:  2”   Length - 12”   Width - 2”

Weight:  1 lb

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